Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that you will have many other questions besides the one's listed below but historically these questions tend to be the ones most frequently asked from our new clients.
What separates you from other Clam/Lobsterbake companies?
We use the highest quality: Seafood, produce, baked goods, and ingredients period. So whether it's our: lobsters from Maine, mussels from Rhode Island, our littleneck clams from The Sound, or our corn from the farms of Bethlehem, Connecticut everything we use is local, organic, and of the highest quality. An example would be our shellfish (G&B Shellfish Farm) which is locally cultivated. It is fresher than one could attain personally since we get it the day it comes out of the water. Another way we are superior to our competitors is we don't only own and operate our company but we have created all of our recipes. We also make everything "homemade" ourselves. We know our service is also unmatched since we are either on every job or have our hands in all events fully. Frankly, we will not be out worked and we don't make mistakes. No one cares more about the success of your event than we do.
You are a Seafood company but do you offer non seafood items?
Yes, indeed we are a superior Clam/Lobsterbake company but we are also a superior catering company. We offer many other options so if that is something you are interested in please just inquire.
What if I need a venue for my event?
We can do your event almost anywhere you wish. We can easily have your event at your home, place of business, or a rental facility. Often clients and friends of ours wish to have their occasion at a facility but aren't sure where to look. Here is a list of many facilities that allow outside caterers like Sea House Clambakes & Catering to serve your needs.
What am I, the client, responsible for?
It's necessary that you choose a venue for your event yet we can certainly suggest one if you don't have one in mind. We simply need a place to serve your meal and a small area to cook and prep. We further suggest you choose your appetizers for your event in advance as well as gather the entree choices from your guests (i.e. Evite). Generally clients provide those choices to us a week to five (5) days before the event, however we usually have no difficulty adjusting for minor changes even up to the day of your occasion. Sea House Clambakes & Catering also provides: the table cloth for the serving table, all informal goods for dinner (except cups and drinks), and utensils for serving. Simply, bringing the dinnerware with us reduces the list of things you need to worry about.
What if we need further services like a bartender or rental equipment?
We work closely with only the most reputable bartenders, wait staff, and tent & rental equipment companies. We are more than willing to provide you with the names of these great companies and the people who operate them. You would certainly contract with them separately since they are not affiliated with our company but remain the companies we use even for our own personal events.
When do you arrive and how long do you stay?
We arrive one or one and one-half hour before appetizers are scheduled to be offered. Generally dinner begins one hour after the appetizers have started to be served. After all have been served dinner we will: clear all tables, pack up all food, clean up the general area, and remove the events garbage and take it with us to dispose. We are a self contained unit and are extremely efficient and clean. We require no electricity, water, or anything from you just that you relax and be a guest at your own event.
What if we have inclement weather?
We always bring tents to cover the serving table as well as our cooking area but often clients rent a tent if the event has many guests or is an important formal affair. A "rain date" can be scheduled as long as it is arranged in advance of the event and that it is acceptable to both parties.
What if some of our guests have allergies?
We pride ourselves on safety first and we certainly will inquire if any of your guests have allergies however obscure or rare. By all means indicate to us if some of your guests have allergy concerns. Unlike some many other Clam/ Lobsterbake companies we don't cook our items together unless instructed by our client. This way you can rest easy that items will not be cross- contaminated. We also wear gloves while cooking and serving. Cleanliness is a top priority of ours.
How is the cost for my event determined and how do we pay Sea House Clambakes & Catering?
Each party differs depending on what you are interested in having for your event but prices are listed next to each basic menu package in the Menu section of our web site. We charge on a per head basis. Once the price per head has been determined simply multiply that number by the total number of adults that will be attending your event, add a 20% gratuity, and the Connecticut State tax and you will have arrived at your total cost. We accept cash or a check as payment for our services. We accept credit card payments but an additional percentage fee will apply based upon customers' credit card service choice.